​Ford Pro Software

From our Victoria Road, Barnstaple Transit Centre, we cater for all Ford commercial vehicle needs. We do this with the help of Ford Pro Software, which is available for all modem-enabled Ford commercial vehicles.

Ford Pro Software is a suite of digital tools which delivers real-time vehicular data, helping businesses to maximise productivity via its seamlessly integrated services. This actionable information will allow you to enjoy enhanced vehicular uptime, security and safety – and optimal productivity and business success.

​FordPass Pro

Designed for new Ford commercial vehicles fitted with a FordPass Connect modem, FordPass Pro is a free-to-download app that allows you to connect with up to five vehicles. It relays up-to-the-minute information, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Download the FordPass Pro app

The FordPass Pro app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Ford Pass Pro app download

Ford Pass Pro Googleplay download

Ford Telematics Essentials

​The free, simplified version of Ford Telematics, Ford Telematic Essentials is a web-based fleet-management tool that offers real-time data on up to five connected Ford commercial vehicles. Among other things, it provides live alerts, allowing business managers to act quickly and decisively.

Ford Telematics

Available with a complimentary three-month trial, Ford Telematics provides users with a wide range of Ford commercial vehicle solutions. For instance, you can keep tabs on your fleet with GPS tracking – and even enforce geofencing if necessary.

New-generation EV insights

With Ford Telematics, you’ll always know the whereabouts of your Ford electric vehicles, their charging status and much more.​

In the know

Also available is the free Ford Telematics Drive app, which allows drivers to alert fleet managers of any vehicular issues that need addressing.


FORDLiive is the smart way to keep your Ford commercial vehicle properly maintained and primed for work. This integrated suite of products and services helps maximise the uptime of a connected Ford commercial vehicle.

Once you’ve registered with FORDLiive, you’ll have the same access to smart support information that we enjoy at our Ford Transit Centre. Whenever your vehicle requires attention, we’ll have all the details, allowing us to affect repairs or servicing while minimising vehicular downtime.

FORDLiive can be activated via your vehicle’s modem by using FordPass Pro or a Ford Telematics package.