Ford Scheduled Servicing

Oil Change and correct oil type - whilst this doesn't sound very exciting did you know that old oil or the incorrect oil will affect both engine wear and CO2 emissions! An oil check and change during your service can help reduce fuel consumption by as much as 3%!

Correct tyre pressure - correctly inflated tyres can save you £37 of fuel a year, it can also reduce tyre wear and help with stopping distances and traction. All Taw Ford service departments have highly accurate pressure

Air Filter Check - Blocked filters cause the engine to work harder and therefore can increase its CO2 emissions. During a service your filters will checked and replaced if necessary, making sure your engine gets the right amount of clean air to maximise efficiency.

All of this whilst using manufacturer approved fluids and Ford parts, to make sure you always feel like your Ford is as new as the day you collected it.

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