Xvision Park Distance Control

Xvision Park Distance Control

Fit your car with parking sensors at Taw Ford.

Xvision Park Distance Control is a parking system that allows you to park with ease to within a distance of 30cms and can be fitted to any vehicle, whether new or used.

Xvision can be fitted to the rear, or front and rear of your vehicle, offering you total parking control. It detects solid and non-solid objects such as lamp posts and bushes. It also detects children, animals and low objects such as walls, giving you peace of mind when manoeuvring in populated places.

Xvision enables you to avoid expensive repair bills and loss of no claims bonus. It's worth bearing in mind that many insurance policies have a typical excess of around £250 that you would otherwise have to pay.

Xvision can be fitted to new and used cars for:

  • £299 for rear sensors
  • £549 for front and rear sensors

We can paint the sensors in your car's colour for £50 per set.

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