Ford Fiesta

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The Ford Fiesta model is every bit as iconic as the previous versions. Given the reputation it holds as of the UK’s best-selling cars, this comes as no surprise. Now in its 8th generation, the Fiesta is the most comprehensive and versatile offering from the range to date. Combining modern technology with striking design, it’s sure to deliver long-lasting satisfaction.
Ford Fiesta with Panoramic Sunroof

Interior and exterior

From the revolutionary interior to the finest exterior detailing, every aspect of the new Fiesta has been carefully considered. Designed to reflect Ford’s new global interior design philosophy, the refined approach used in this car’s construction is evident throughout. With individualisation options available to meet your tastes, you can tailor the car whilst retaining its balance and harmony. Every interaction with a car interior contributes to the overall user experience. These interactions are the unique building blocks Ford designers used to shape the key elements of the all-new Fiesta interior. The result is a logical, emotive and user-centric interior design, inspired by smart devices and tablets. Ergonomic design and soft touch materials – including for the upper instrument panel – contribute to a spacious and premium feel.
Ford Fiesta ST-Line X Interior

Eye-catching design

The all-new Ford Fiesta delivers a revolutionary new interior that reflects Ford’s new global interior design philosophy​. Delivering superior quality and refinement, together with a stylish new exterior and the revolutionary interior design, the all-new Fiesta line-up offers a uniquely compelling, emotional and fun to drive appeal.​ Additional individualisation options meet the growing trend for product differentiation, adding bespoke character while retaining the interior’s balance and harmony. Personalisation packs reflect owner values and tastes, from seat stitching to a choice of trim colours and materials.​
Ford Fiesta Infotainment System

Removing distractions with infotainment

The new interior philosophy also supports easier to use controls. The layout and position of the centre screen is visually appealing, intuitive – with minimal buttons and controls – and is closer to the driver’s line of sight. The steering wheel also has fewer controls. The number of buttons on the centre console is reduced by almost half compared to the previous Fiesta, with many connectivity and entertainment controls relocated to an 8-inch touchscreen. The most natural and ergonomic positions for controls and screens were confirmed using eye-tracking software, and both the instrument cluster display and central screen are positioned to clearly deliver information at a glance.
Ford Fiesta advanced driving technology

Clever technologies

The Fiesta is the most technologically advanced small car on sale in Europe, offering 15 sophisticated technologies that help customers manage the demands of driving, parking, and provide additional safety and security. The Fiesta can detect pedestrians who are in or near the road ahead, or who may cross the vehicle’s path, and can automatically apply the brakes to avoid them if the driver does not respond to warnings. The technology can even work at night, using the light from the Fiesta’s headlights. Parking the Fiesta has never been easier. Ultrasonic sensors can locate suitable parking spaces nose-to-tail and side-by-side with other cars, and the Fiesta can guide itself into them hands-free while the driver operates the accelerator and brake.

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