The Ford Focus

A magnificent view...

The view from insides pretty amazing, too...

Packed with efficiency (loaded with luggage)

Embraces the straights. Hugs the corners..

Aerodynamics never looked so attractive...

A strong family resemblance..


Designed with a purpose..

A good dilemma to have...   Selecting a colour and bodystyle is easy. Deciding is tricky 


Spots the vehicles you might miss..

Cross Traffic Alert is part of the Blind Spot Information System. When you're reversing out of space and have limited visibility of the traffic situation, Cross Traffic Alert can detect oncoming vehicles and sound a warning. The technology illuminates a light in the wing mirror too (left or right depending on the direction of oncoming traffic).


Go hands-free with SYNC 3 

SYNC 3 is our most advanced version to date. It's faster and easier to use, with enhanced voice commands and even more functionality. The new interface has larger buttons for improved usability, and the colour Touchscreen now features pinch-and-swipe gestures found on smartphones and tablets for even more intuitive navigation. SYNC 3 also features APPLink, Apple's CarPlay and android Auto, to display your smartphone's information on the touchscreen.

Get the most out of your engine..

A version of the surprisingly powerful 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine will offer sub-100 g/km CO2 emissions: the first non-hybrid, petrol family car in Europe to do so.


To help avoid low speed collisions 

The innovative Active City Stop helps the driver avoid a collision in slow-moving traffic or at speeds up to 30mph. it does this by continually measuring the distance to the vehicle in front when it is within a near range. if the system detects the vehicle in from has unexpectedly reduced speed, it automatically applies the brakes. 



Epic performance demands a heroic driver...

Tested on tract, Enjoy it on road..

Dominate the landscape, Rule the road..

Efficiency never looked so forceful..

What shape would you like your 250PS?


Performance enhancing design..

A good dilemma to have...

Selecting a colour is easy. Deciding is tricky..

Maximum cornering control..

Torque Vectoring Control reacts to the road surface 100 times per second. (That's 33 times faster than the blink of an eye.)  Using this information, it balances the amount of power delivered to each of the two front wheels. This maximizes grip and sharpens handling, helping you round corners and over undulations in the road. 

Helping you see, without dazzling others

A useful night-driving aid, Auto High Beam temporarily dips your headlights when it detects oncoming traffic or a vehicle ahead, stopping you dazzling other drivers, It then automatically reverts back to high beam, giving you maximum visibility. 

Experience EcoBoost

Turbocharging, twin-independent variable cam timing technology, high-pressure direct duel injection: the 2.0-litre, 250PS EcoBoost petrol engine utilities them all to deliver (in the 5-door model) a 0-62mph, time of just 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 154mph (limited). This lightweight aluminum engine is ultra-responsive and exceptionally efficient:providing swift acceleration through the gears and maximum torque available from just 2000RPM 


Control it. But never tame it..

A wolf. In wolf's clothing..

It's not a car, it's an icon..

An imposing vision. A potent force..

Exceptional cornering control..

Torque Vectoring Control balances engine torque between the front wheels to suit the road surface and driving conditions. Operating at 100 times a second, the system is 33 times faster than the blink of an eye. Which means more grip and ultra-precise handling, as you'll discover when you're accelerating through corners.

Advanced 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine Technology 

The 2.3-Litre EcoBoost engine's revolutionary technology incorporates direct fuel injection, twin independent variable camshaft timing and a twin-scroll turbocharger. Tuned and calibrated specifically for the Focus RS, the result is: maximum power of 350PS and maximum torque of 440Nm (470 NM overboost). Excellent low-end responsiveness is mated by powerful mid-range pull. And the free-revving top-end is set to a maximum limit of 6,900rpm. 

Coordinated safety systems activate in a split-second

The Focus RS is equipped with an advanced intelligent Protection System (IPS). Which coordinates a series of safety systems to offer maximum protection or you and your passengers.



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