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Make a great Ford even better

Personalise your Ford to match your personality and lifestyle. Our extensive range includes genuine Ford accessories, designed specifically for your vehicle and engineered and tested to Ford standards, as well as carefully selected accessories from third party suppliers, which do not come with Ford warranty, but are covered by supplier's as well as carefully selected accessories from third party suppliers, which do not come with Ford warranty, but are covered by the supplier's own warranty. Ford added convenience, if you are buying a new vehicle, your accessories can be included in your vehicle agreement.

Accessory Promotions - We know how accessories can help you get more out of life, that's why we offer a range of accessories packs at promotional prices.

Accessories at the coolest prices - If you have a passion for adventure and a lifestyle to match, we've got the perfect solution to help you live life to the full. And with Recommended Promotional Prices on selected car accessory packs, there's never been a better time to head to Taw Ford!

Bike Pack - Make the most of the great outdoors with our great value Bike Packs. - Recommended Promotional Price: £269 Including VAT

Ski Pack - Make the most of the winter season with out great value Ski Pack. - Recommended Promotional Price - £269 Including VAT

Protection Pack - Protect your pride and joy with our range of rubber mats and boot liners - Recommended Promotional Price - £109 Including VAT

Protection Pack Plus - Protect the exterior of your car against mud and dirt too with mudflaps - Recommended Promotional Price - £199 Including VAT

Styling Pack - Give your vehicle a sportier profile and enhanced aerodynamics with our Styling Pack - Recommended Promotional Price - £439 including fitting and VAT

Pet Pack - Keep your furry friend safe and your car in top condition. - Recommended Promotional Price - From £269 Including VAT

Brink Tow Bar Pack - If you're planning to tow a trailer or caravan you want to be sure it's going to stay safely attached. _ Recommended Promotional Price - £489 Including fitting and VAT


Top Selling Car Accessories - Whether you want to add extra style and comfort or increase your storage capacity with roof carriers and roof boxes, we have all the right accessories for your Ford.

Top Selling Car Accessories - Personalise your Ford with our top selling accessories. Whether you want more performance with a mountune pack or that little extra help to take the stress out of parking with Xvision parking distance sensors, we have all the right accessories for your Ford.

Xvision Parking Sensors - Make parking easier each and every day.

Make difficult maneuvers easy with Xvision parking distance sensors.

Xvision Park Distance Control is a parking system that can be fitted to any vehicle, whether new or used. The Xvision system detects solid or non-solid objects, such as bushes, it also detects pedestrians, animals and low objects, giving you peace of mind when maneuvering in busy areas. It helps you avoid expensive repair bills (insurance policies typically have an excess of around £250) as well as protecting your no claims bonus. Xvision parking systems are available for front and rear applications, with the option of an additional visual LED display.

Reasons to smile:

- Preserves your vehicle's residual value

- 3 year warranty

- Meets all EEC and international JASO quality standards

- Fully compatible with your vehicle's CANBus electronic system

- Ideal for drivers who find it difficult to look backwards whilst reversing


Ford Alloy Wheels - Change the look of your Ford with a set of alloy wheels.

Look and feel different with our range of Ford alloy wheels.

All have been designed to complement the looks of whatever Ford you drive. Sleek, purposeful or elegant, the choice is yours. And you can be assured whatever alloy option you choose, you can trust that they've been manufactured to the highest standards, from the finest materials and endured long-term testing to keep you safe on the road. Every single alloy is X-ray checked for defects and further checked to ensure no air from the tyres will be lost through the wheel. And with different styles you can sure that the performance of our alloys is as great as their looks.

Why choose Ford alloy wheels?

Ford makes alloy wheels for Ford cars, not for anyone else. So there's no need for us to compromise the design or quality to meet a range of manufacturers' requirements. Instead we can concentrate on designing and manufacturing alloy wheels which perfectly complement the specific model they are designed for.

Built that little bit better

Because out alloy wheels are designed and built for specific Ford models, we know exactly the specification that's required. But we built them to perform even better - going beyond the model's specifications, to provide a reassuring margin on their load-bearing characteristics and safety performance.

Tested and approved

Ford alloy wheels are tested for durability and strength at every stage of the design and development process. That means you can be sure they meet Ford's premium quality standards and match the manufacturing quality of your Ford vehicle.

Stage 1: Scientific design - Ford every new Ford alloy wheel, a basic design is created by the Ford design group. The necessary specifications to suit any particular vehicle mode are then calculated using advanced and highly accurate scientific and mathematical processes.

Stage 2: Feasibility study - Once the design has been agreed, the engineering department carries out a design and feasibility study for specific Ford model. All body styles are included in the study to ensure quality standards and road safety requirements are met, whatever the different weight distribution characteristics.

Stage 3: Prototyping - Prototype wheels are produced and thoroughly static tested (including X-ray) for dimensions, material faults, leaks, imbalance and impact resistance.

Stage 4: Road testing - The vehicle durability test on each alloy wheel at the Ford proving ground represents 240,000km of driving in a variety of real driving situations and extreme conditions.

Fit and Forget - Fitting Ford alloy wheels to your Ford is quick and easy. As the wheels are specifically designed for your Ford there's little or no modification necessary, whatever the wheel or tyre size. That means you not only save on fitting costs, you also protect your vehicle warranty which other alloy wheels could invalidate.

Locking wheel nuts - Secure your alloy wheels and protect them from theft with locking wheel nuts. Designed so tha they cannot be removed with standard tools, genuine Ford locking wheel nuts can only be removed with the special tool supplied in the kit. As our locking wheel nuts are thatcham approved, you can rest assured that they have been engineered to reduce the risk of theft and to help reduce insurance premiums.

Reasons to smile:

- Preserve your vehicle's residual value with genuine Ford parts

- Designed to complement the look of our Ford

- Engineered specifically for your Ford and manufactured to the highest standards

- Wheels are X-ray checked for defects


Boot Liner - Once you've has a boot liner you'll never want a car without one.

Boot liners are becoming increasingly popular and for many customers are now a 'must have' accessory.

Made from heavy-duty, non-slip materials, they protect the carpet in your boot from mud, dirt and spillages and help keep your car looking as great as the day you bought it.

The rubberised material is easy to wipe clean and simply makes life easier. So whether it's your wellies, child's buggy or set of golf clubs, you'll never think twice about popping your muddy gear in your boot.

And, of course, our boot liners are designed specifically for your vehicle, so you can be assured that they'll fit perfectly.

Once you've had a boot liner you'll never want a car without one.


Parrot Bluetooth Phone Kit - Stay safe and legal with hands free kit.

If you like to stay safe, legal and in touch in your vehicle when you're out on the road, there are easy-to-use solutions available.

Parrot offers cutting edge hands-free devices that are both high-quality and user-friendly, so you'll never miss a call.

Once installed, the Parrot Bluetooth hands free car kit connects with your phone as soon as you turn on the engine. The system then uses the LCD screen display and your speakers as a receiver to allow you to make and receive calls, without even taking your hands off the wheel.

You can pair multiple phones with the system and the voice recognition feature allows you to simply say the name and it will dial the number.

The Parrot hands free kits can all be easily installed in a wide range of Ford models.


Mountune - Upgrade your pride and joy with a mountune performance kit.

If it's more performance you seek, look no further than mountune.

Developed by the race engine and road-car performance specialist, mountune, alongside Ford, the critically acclaimed packages boost output and performance, whilst maintaining your vehicle's warranty.

New Focus ST - mountune MP275 (December 2014- )

400Nm torque and 275PS upgrade for the Focus ST. Included in the Focus MP275 kit;

- Alloy inlet duct

- Performance air filter

- larger intercooler

- Unique ECU calibration

Focus ST - Mountune MP275 (2011-December 2014)

400NM torque and 275PS upgrade for the Focus ST. included in the Focus MP275 kit;

- Alloy inlet duct

- Performance air filter

- Larger intercooler

- Unique ECU calibration

Fiesta ST- mountune MP215 (2013 - February 2015)

320Nm torque and 215PS upgrade for the Fiesta ST. Included in the Fiesta MP215 Kit;

- Performance air filter

- Dual cold air feed

- Unique ECU calibration

Fiesta EcoBoost - mountune MP24 (2013 - December 2014)

214Nm torque and 135PS upgrade for the Fiesta EcoBoost equipped with the 125PS engine. Included in the Fiesta MP135 kit;

- Performance air filter

- Unique ECU calibration.


Sat Nav Map Updates - Update your factory-fitted satellite navigation system with the latest map.

Take the smartest route.

Once you've had a factory-fitted satellite navigation system most people wouldn't dream of living without one. However, over time, new roads and housing estates are built, road layouts change and businesses move, which means your Sat Nav may become less reliable. Avoid getting lost, frustrated or late and update your Sat Nav software with a TomTom map update. With the latest maps and European coverage, its the best way to keep your factory-fitted Sat Nav reliable, helping you take the smartest route and giving you more accurate arrival times.

In short, it's the best way to make sure you arrive at your destination with no sweat.


DAB - Digital Radio Upgrade - Add digital radio to your existing Ford radio with a connects2 DAB upgrade kit.

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting.

Its a way of listening to the radio using a digital signal sound, rather than analogue radio (FM/AM). AutoDAB is a high quality kit which transforms your original factory-fitted FM radio into a digital receiver, so you can get DAB, as well as existing AM/FM/LE channels. it is fitted behind the radio and uses the steering wheel controls to select the digital channels. No drilling or new external aerials are required. The only sign of the system is the digital film aerial, which is fitted in the top left hand corner of the windscreen.


- Connects2 AutoDAB Digital Radio Upgrade

- Fitting at Taw Garages

Reasons to smile

- More choice: extra sport, speech and music station such as talksport, Plant Rock and Absolute Radio.

- Great sound: hiss and crackle-free digital quality sound

- Easy tuning: find the station you want by name

- Digital features: track and artist information

Available on selected Ford models only. Please contact Taw Garages for details.

Not available on: Ka, Fiesta 2008 onwards (with Bluetooth), Focus Studio 2011-10/2014, Ranger 2006-2011 onwards, Transit Custom Base and ECOnetic.


Floor Mats - Protect your carpet from everyday wear and tear

Whatever the season, your Ford is designed to help you live life to the full.

Ford Floor Mats are designed and engineered to protect your carpet from dirty and everyday wear and tear, to keep the interior of your Ford looking as good as new.

Tailored to fit your vehicle perfectly, original equipment mats are engineered to Ford's specific requirements, ensuring that they not only fit safely, but also resist soiling, fading and heat aging, as well as fogging, which can cause a film on the inside of the windscreen.

Made from non-slip materials, genuine Ford mats are engineered with safety in mind, to avoid slipping and interference with the pedals.

Designed from materials and colours which complement the interior trim of your vehicle, they look great too!

Choice of carpet, velours or rubber mats - Ford floor mats come in a range of three different styles and finishes for all passengers vehicles

Velours Floor Mats - Ford's premium floor mats provide an additional touch of luxury and style

Carpet Floor Mats - Standard carpet floor mats are made from high quality, durable velour or needle-felt depending on the vehicle model.

Rubber / All Weather Floor Mats - Made for heavy duty use, all weather mats keep the vehicle's floor clean and dry. What's more, they are easy to clean simply removed them from your vehicle and rinse them with a hose. Commonly referred to as rubber mats, Ford all weather mats are actually manufactured from TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) a material which feels like rubber, provides extra stiffness and durability and is 100% recyclable.

Ford mats are generally available as front sets and rear sets. In some cases they are available as a set of 4 mats.

Tested and approved by Ford

Genuine Ford floor mats are thoroughly tested against a wide range of safety and durability criteria including:

- Fogging - the measurement of fog condensation on glass on the interior trim of the vehicle

- Odour - the evaluation of the odour characteristics of various trim and insulation materials

- Flammability - conformance to the relevant ISO flammability standard (ISO 3795)

- Resistance to fade - the resistance to fading during accelerated exposure of various automotive interior trim components

- Cold flex - the resistance to cracking when folded at -30'C

- Resistance to wear and tear - the resistance to snagging and abrasion

Reasons to smile

- Protect your carpet against everyday dirt and spillages

- Easy to clean

- Designed to match the interior trim of your vehicle

- Engineered to avoid slipping and interference with the pedals



Wheel Covers - Transform the look of your vehicle with new wheel covers.

Designed to complement the styling of your Ford, our wheel covers are the ideal way to give vehicles fitted with steel wheel a make-over.

Manufactured from high quality materials, genuine Ford wheel covers have painted and sealed surfaces for easy cleaning and have been developed to be car wash resistance.

They are engineered with safety in mind, with special steel fixings to keep them securely attached.

Available as single items or as a set of four, for current vehicles and older models, they are competitively priced and come in a wide range of eye-catching designed. Just take your pick!!



Styling - Your Ford has been elegantly styled and beautifully crafted to ensure that your journey through life is both inspired and relaxed.

And now with our styling range we can offer more choices to enhance your Ford inside and out, so you can make your Ford your own.

From performance body styling kits to beautifully tailored interior trims, our accessories have been designed and safety tested to fit your Ford and your life perfectly.

Body Styling Kits - Give your vehicle a sportier profile and enhanced aerodynamics. Designed to enhance your vehicle's exterior styling, all our body styling parts are designed and engineered to fit your Ford perfectly and go through strict quality controls to ensure they meet Ford's requirements for quality, durability, noise reduction, driving and handling performance.

Interior Styling - Make the interior of your vehicle a place you just dont want to get out of, with some neat little touches. Spice up your interior, with your choice of Ford accessories, from sports pedals to gear lever knobs and scuff plates to handbrake covers. They'll add even more style to your Ford and bring an even bigger smile to your face.

Our accessories offer you real choices, so you can add your personal touches and make your Ford your own.



Ford Mud Flaps

Everyday life can bring you unexpected and unwanted surprises, so why not give your Ford a little extra protection?

Ford mud flaps help protect your vehicle's paintwork from stone chips and keep your car cleaner by reducing mud and dirt on the exterior.

Genuine product with everyday benefits - Designed to complement the styling of your Ford and to fit precisely to your model, original equipment mud flaps sit in the best position to protect your vehicle from road spray.

Available for most models - Available for most Ford vehicles (with the exception of models with a body styling kit) there is an extensive range of contoured mudflaps which will fit safely and securely to your vehicle. Genuine Ford mud flaps are available for the front and rear of most models.

Protect your vehicle's exterior and maintain your vehicle's residual value today.




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