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Making your journey easier propels us further

We're taking steps big and small to bring you solutions that put you in control - from an app that keeps you on-the-go easier, to creating innovative FordHubs that take mobility to a whole new place - with FordGuides to help you every step of the way.

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- FordPass App

Our newest, most powerful offering will fit in your pocket

The FordPass App is a one-stop mobility app designed to help you move through your day the way you already do - only smarter, better and easier than ever before.*


P - Park

End the search

FordPass Park will help you find parking spots, viewing pricing, hours and rating. Plus, pin your spot so it's easy to find your car. you could also save 5% on parking costs: open the Park feature within FordPass and you'll be given a code which you can use when making advanced bookings via the NCP website.**

FordPass Park is available in select cities. 


My Vehicles

Travel smarter with Live Traffic

Avoid the queues with Live Traffic: the intuitive system delivers real-time service updates to give you the best calculated journey times possible.*

My Dealer

Be in control from any seat

Need to book your next service? you can now doit using our new Online Service booking system.

The feature lets you choose your preferred Ford Dealer and, should you experience a fault with your vehicle, report the problem via the app and see the cost of repair before you visit.*

Ford Credit

Managing your Ford Credit Account is simple

Access, manage and pay a settlement figure on your Ford Credit account should you have one.*

My Vehicles

Ford Protect Extended Warranty

Keep up-to-date with your warranty coverage has never been easier. Now you can update your warranty status and check your warranty end date.


Going further to get you there

FordPass is built for mobility, so however you move through your day, you have a powerful tool to help make your journey easier.



Get help along the way

The FordPass app is your key to our friendly and knowledgeable team of FordPass experts. FordGuides are always happy to help you with any FordPass needs or questions you may have.



FordPass Perks

Every mile is worth your while - with FordPass


FordPass members get great Perks

The more you use FordPass, the more you'll be recognised. Earn badges as you complete activities within the app, and unlock Perks to receive special gifts.


Unlock Badges

Add your vehicle and select a dealer to unlock badges as you move smarter with FordPass. Keep using FordPass to achieve them all!!


How to get the most from your FordPass experience

GET THE APP - Download and register the FordPass app.

GET GOING - Use FordPass to do things like find parking and book a car service.

GET PERKS - Check your email for FordPass Perks.



We're gifted with guidance


You have needs throughout your journey FordGuides have solutions

The FordPass app is your key to our friendly and knowledgeable team of FordPass experts. FordGuides are happy to help youw ith any FordPass needs or questions you may have.


Chat - Need quick answers? go to your FordPass app and use the Chat feature and a FordGuide will quickly reply.*

Call - A FordGuide would love to hear from you. One-touch dial from the FordPass app and a friendly voice will be happy to help.

Ford OneCall - FordPass will keep you moving in the event of a breakdown thanks to support from our Roadside Assistance team. With one tap, you can call from help and receive assistance wherever you are. And if we can't repair your Ford on the spot, we'll arrange onward travel, alternative transport, a replacement vehicle or overnight accommodation for you.


What does a FordGuide know, anyway?

Here are a few of the questions FordGuides answer every day:


I have a question about the FordPass app ----- 

Reset my password -----

Help me find a Ford Dealership



Ford Credit Account - Add existing, view next payments, receive settlement quotes and make payments online 

Find Your Ford Dealership - Search for your nearest Ford Dealership, setting your preferred dealer and book a service.

Chat To A FordGuide - Need help with FordPass? Get in touch with one of our FordGuides.

Find Parking Near You - Finding your nearest parking space has never been easier

Live Traffic News & Updates - Want live traffic updates to avoid the gridlock, hold-ups and queues?

Add Your Vin Number - Adding your Ford Vin on the FordPass App has never been easier.




Experience mobility in a whole new light

Building a smarter place

Imagination becomes reality at FordHub - a new, state-of-the-art Ford experience Centre opened January 2017 in New York City.

Learn how Ford can help you move more easily today, and is shaping the way the world moves in the future.


LATEST INNOVATIONS - Explore the cool new things we're working on behind the wheel and beyond.

MOBILITY SOLUTIONS - Learn how we're using the digital landscape to meet the needs of today's world.

EXCLUSIVE EVENTS - Get access to special events brought to you live from FordHubs - exclusively for FordPass members.



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