Ford Vignale

Introducing The Ford Kuga Vignale..

Sporty, striking, streamlined..

Muscular, athletic, commanding...

Sophistication, in motion..

Make an impression..


A modern feel, a timeless look...

Experience - The Kuga Vignale delivers cutting-edge styling and superior levels of refinement for the ultimate driving experience. With a range of advanced driver assistance technologies including SYNC 3 and Active Park Assist, you'll always feel in control behind the steering wheel.

Comfort - Every feature of the Kuga Vignale puts your needs first. From hands-free communications, to Automatically responding to changing road conditions, all you'll have to do is sit back and relax, whilst smart technologies work their magic.

Performance - Rewarding performance and smooth responsiveness, combined with impressive fuel efficiency and low emissions. The Kuga Vignale is the perfect precision engineered package.

Peace of mind - Your safety and security is important to us. That's why the Kuga Vignale offers a long list of safety features, each designed to deliver high levels of protection for you and your passengers.

The perfect balance of style and performance...


Introducing The Ford Mondeo Vignale

Our most refined offering..

Effortless style, from head to tail..

Mondeo Vignale Nero - With unique dark accents, distinctive grille and 19" dark tarnish alloy wheels, Mondeo Vignale Neo represents the highest expression of luxury from Ford.

Experience - striking, cutting-edge styling is matched by a driving experience that's second to none. With state-of-the-art systems, smart features and a cabin that puts every control at your command, Mondeo Vignale will enhance every drive.

Performance - The Mondeo Vignales engine line-up delivers both rewarding performance and impressive efficiency. An uprated suspension, along with intelligent technologies, put you in absolute control of that refined power.

Comfort - Mondeo Vignale continually responds to the road conditions, other traffic and your own driving for a relaxing yet involving experience. The cabin is also designed to maximise comfort for you and your passengers.

Peace of mind - Safety is paramount for you, your passengers and pedestrians. From Rear Inflatable Seatbelts and Active City Stop, Mondeo Vignale is equipped with a long list of advanced features and systems designed to help protect you.

Athleticism and elegance, combined...


Introducing The Ford S-Max Vignale

Elegant styling, from every angle...

Aerodynamic profile..

Intelligent design, meticulous craftsmanship

Experience - A relaxing and comfortable, yet exhilarating driving experience is enhanced by cutting-edge systems and smart features. An elegant intelligently designed cabin puts you in control and sophisicated, contemparay styling rewards you everywhere you look.

Performance - Precision handling in corners and bends. A smooth, comfortable ride on motorways and straights. Responsive power in every situation. The S-Max Vignale's engines, complemented by an uprated suspension, deliver impressive performance and efficiency.

Comfort - Whether driver or a passenger, the cabin is relaxing yet invigorating space. Advanced technologies also react to what's going on around you and your own driving for a superior experience behind the wheel.

Peace of mind - From Active City Stop to Rear Inflatable Seatbelts, S-Nax Vignale is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art safety systems. The aim: to help protect you, your passengers and pedestrians.


Introducing The Ford Edge Vignale 

A presence that's hard to ignore...

A striking, aero-dynamic profile..

Choose liberation over hibernation..

Effortless style, from head to tail...

Experience - Contemporary styling and cutting-edge design is matched by a driving experience that's second to none. A host of innovative technologies and smart features, in a luxurious cabin designed around Edge Vignale takes care of it all, so you have time to truly experience the drive.

Performance - Advanced suspension for increased precision handling, a state-of-the-art diesel power and swift and accurate gear-changes with Ford PowerShift all combine to optimize fuel efficiency: without compromising on performance.

Comfort - Immerse yourself in Edge Vignale's relaxing yet invigorating cabin. It's packed with thoughtful touches and meticulous detailing, designed with you and your passengers in mind. What's more, advanced technologies silence any unwanted cabin noise and deliver a relaxing yet involving experience all round.

Peace of mind - The Edge Vignale is designed to deliver a reassuringly comprehensive package of saefty measures such as Pre-Collision Assist, Emergency Brake Assist and Driver Alert. All are designed to offer you and your passengers hugh levels of protection; for added peace of mind. 


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